Priming systems with liquid ring vacuum pumps


Level controlled priming systems for evacuation of centrifugal pumps pumping clean or slightly contaminated fluids. Due to the level-control, the system is also suitable for plants where gas- or air inclusions have to be separated effectively even during operation of the centrifugal pump.


Fully automatic central vacuum unit, pressure controlled designed for permanent evacuation of several centrifugal pumps or siphon pipes handling clean to slightly contaminated liquids. The pressure control enables systems with different suction levels to be connected. Each suction point is linked to the vacuum collection line via gas discharge valves.


Fully automatic level-controlled compact priming system for the evacuation of single or several centrifugal pumps, especially in pump stations for the pumping of heavily contaminated pumping media such as e.g. untreated sewages, sludge, sinter water a.s.o.. Also used for the evacuation of siphon pipes.


Fully automatic central vacuum unit designed for level-controlled, permanent evacuation of several centrifugal pump units handling clean to lightly contaminated liquids. It is essential that the centrifugal pumps have to be evacuated operate on the same suction level.

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