Vacuum generator/technology

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are positive displacement pumps and therefore work independently of the specific weight of the medium to be pumped. They are therefore particularly suitable as evacuation pumps in systems where liquid parts also have to be extracted (e.g. for the post-evacuation of centrifugal pumps). Due to the gap-free design of the vatec liquid ring vacuum pump, this pump type is largely insensitive to abrasive components in the operating liquid, so that in many cases the pumped medium of centrifugal pumps can be used as the operating liquid.



Diesel driven vacuum pump for evacuation of centrifugal pumps and siphon pipes.


Vacuum pump to exhaust gas, air and steam. Pump free of flat clearance surfaces, extensive insensitive to solid components of the service liquid. By this the pump is specially suited for priming units of pumping plants equipped with centrifugal pumps. By means of the self-controlled outlet valve the pump is automatically adjusted to variable pressure conditions.


Evacuation of centrifugal pumps with diesel driven engine and electrical battery starters, suitable for clean or slightly contam- inated media.


Evacuation of centrifugal pumps with diesel driven engine, suitable for clean or slightly contaminated media.


Liquid ring vacuum pump with service liquid circulating tank for evacuation of unloading pumps on tankers. Special design for installation in explosive area.


Mobile suction system integrated in an assembly case for evacuating sprinkler systems.



Manually operated vacuum compressed air ejector, e.g. for evacuation of e.g. centrifugal pumps.

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