Drainage systems

Drainage systems are pneumatic conveying systems that convey liquids by means of compressed air or special compressed gases. In systems where the use of conventional pumps is not, or only to a limited extent, practical, these wear-free systems provide the appropriate solution for the task.

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Drainage systems


Drainage of small spaces, tank fields, etc.


Stripping system for chemicals and product tankers, large-size tanks etc. Drainage of flat bottoms where inclined pipes cannot be used.


For the draining of free-flowing surface scum from the surface of basins, suction chambers of pumps etc.


Auxiliary bilge well unit for small machinery rooms with long distance to the main bilge system, e.g. rooms for bow thruster, steering gear, cargo hold, chain locker etc.


Gully-Drainer for automatically-controlled collecting of dangerous fluids from the street surface and to close the sewerage system in case of disaster with tank trucks etc.


The vatec -Deep-Well pump HCP is being used to lift water from a deep-well resp. bore-hole to the surface pneumatically.


Pneumatically-operated drainage devices for horizontal pipeline systems, e.g. deck pipelines for tankers.


Drainage of vertical collecting pipes, wells, gullies etc.


Drainer system for ground water sanitation; fully automatic skimming of floating pollutants (oil, etc) practically free from phase shift, out of ground water.

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